Reasons for the prohibitions on gambling on the net

Casino sites in the Middle East and most Muslim countries are often subjected to numerous prohibitions and prohibitions for two main reasons, one cultural and the other economic.

The religious and cultural reason

We know that gambling or facilitation as 파워볼사이트 by Islamic law is not desirable and is recommended to avoid it like alcohol, so the governments of Arab countries that adopt Sharia in their laws to prohibit and legally limit the demand for citizens by building electronic and legislative barriers The participation of Arab citizens of the Gulf countries makes it a very difficult task.

This religious instructor is also present in the rhyme background of the Arab player, who, regardless of his degree of interest in casino games, knows very well that he is doing something that is not religiously and socially desirable, so Arab players are keen to maintain the confidentiality of their activity on the casino sites on the Internet, and consider confidentiality And privacy, the most prominent feature they seek when choosing a particular casino for entertainment.

But religious and cultural variety is not the only reason to intensify the falsification procedures on electronic betting sites, where economic motivation also plays a big role, especially when we know the volume of financial transactions in this area.

Economic reason

Through our experience in the field of online casinos, and our work in some of the most famous global suppliers in this field, we can assure our followers that the amount of money traded in these casinos, whether by withdrawal or deposit is very dreadful, and can not be expected by any economist unless it penetrates into the details Transactions of institutions working in this field.

Since the Arab player’s state usually does not enjoy any privileges and no taxes on these huge financial operations by virtue of their lack of legalization and criminalization by the legislator, it is natural for the state to double the prevention measures, especially when the circulation of funds outside the control of the state and the scope to take advantage of these Huge financial transactions.

Whether these transactions are in the form of deposits out of the player’s country to the institution, or profits obtained, the state in this case remains a spectator can not take advantage of these financial operations carried out by its citizens, and does not employ taxes on them contribute to the advancement of the economy of the country as

Many European countries that have codified the online gambling service and have melted it into a state-controlled activity and have employed taxes and fees paid by players and institutions, both on deposits made in the form of deposits or funds in the form of profit-taking, such as Spain, Italy and Britain and R. The list of countries that regulate gambling on the Internet with very long special laws is difficult to enumerate in this article.

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